Find a number of do’s and don’ts for this subject when writing a thesis:


Do’s in managing your thesis

  • Plan per component: preparation (10%), data collection (30%), writing (40%), review (20%)
  • Plan well ahead of your deadlines, you can always get flu
  • Agree between deadlines that you have to keep
  • Supervisor: create an agenda and a report for each meeting
  • Supervisor: send very specific questions in a list about the mail
  • Accompany: tell him or her which grade you prefer
  • Once you started with pleasure on your subject. Think back to that!
  • Plan well, then you stay motivated
  • Answer the question: what does the world / my organization / science have in my research?

Dont’s in managing your thesis

  • Send a whole “unfinished” thesis with “am I on the right track?”
  • Do not prepare for conversations with your supervisor
  • Lose motivation for your thesis
  • Do not keep a log of discussions with your supervisor
  • Calculate the number of pages per day (5 per day) and aim at them or plan too tightly

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