Find a number of do’s and don’ts for this subject when writing a thesis:


Do’s when structuring a thesis

  • Make your main question specific and relevant
  • Use activating verbs: for example: analyze, test, determine, mean, contribute, change
  • Mark out: to place, time period, phase, perspective, measurability
  • Test your question with another: Well and?
  • Create about 5 sub questions that together answer your main question, but do not overlap
  • View your theses in the database of your course that have been completed with sufficient and pay attention to the main and sub questions
  • Discuss your method with your supervisor
  • Do not ask yourself: what CAN I tell about the subject, but: what SHOULD I tell about the subject?
  • Prevent plagiarism: write down what you got from where
  • Know the difference between quoting and paraphrasing

Dont’s when structuring a thesis

  • A too broad research question: “What is the influence of culture on the habits of the Dutch?”
  • A double research question: “Does the increased consumption of dairy products have an effect on tooth decay, and if so, what can we do about that?”
  • Collect data before you have a research strategy
  • Start investigations before the guidelines of the training and supervisor are completely clear

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