Who are we helping?

We help students who follow diverse studies at a college or university, such as Media and Entertainment Management, Economics, Psychology, Medicine, SPH, Law, Physiotherapy, Business Administration, Public Administration, and almost any other training you can think of! We help students who find it difficult to write a thesis, receive little or no guidance from their institution, or who want to work efficiently because they want to graduate faster or have little time, for example because they study and work part-time. We help students throughout the Netherlands and Belgium, and students abroad.

How do we help?

Step 1. When we have received your request, we will start immediately. We look for the most suitable thesis supervisor for you and link you to each other.
Step 2. Once linked, you have a free introductory meeting with the thesis supervisor. What are you against? What would you like help with? The supervisor then explains to you how they can help and what the supervision would look like.
Step 3. If you have decided to continue with the linked thesis supervisor, you can immediately make your first appointment. How often you agree depends on your wishes, but we encourage you to meet regularly, for example every week or every other week.
Step 4. The purpose of thesis supervision is precisely to ensure that you can continue as much as possible yourself. We do not do it for you, but explain, give tips and feedback, adjust together and show examples. That way you understand it yourself, and it also saves you when you need less support in the long run!

What are we helping with?

We help with everything that comes with a thesis, depending on where in the process you are:

You have not started yet:

Do you still have to start writing your thesis or plan? We help you come up with a research question and hypotheses by sparring with you, and by showing you how you can find a gap in knowledge about a subject. That “hole” then forms your research question! We show you how you can quickly and efficiently find useful sources, and how you can quickly scan them for usability. In addition, we can help you devise a suitable research method for your research question, and come up with the right way to analyze. Before you start writing we show you how you can write an outline. An outline is a kind of “skeleton” of your thesis. By using an outline there is immediately a good structure and logical sequence in your thesis!

You’re in the middle of it:

Have you been busy with your thesis for a while but have you got stuck? Do you doubt whether your research questions and hypotheses are correct, or whether your method is good? Do you receive feedback that you do not understand, or do you no longer receive guidance? We look at it together and show you what needs to be adjusted and how. Furthermore, we can help with analyzing, interpreting and correctly reporting your results, and giving explanations and tips to improve your thesis.

Your thesis has been disapproved:

Do you have to adjust your thesis? Then we help with structuring, ensuring a logical and clear story with a clear thread, and understanding the feedback from your supervisor from the institution where you are studying. We focus on the parts you received the most feedback. We help you to get your thesis to a sufficient level as quickly and efficiently as possible!

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