Find a number of do’s and don’ts for this subject when writing a thesis:


Do’s when doing practical research

  • Make a clear choice, based on your research question, for quantitative or qualitative research
  • Look at the research strategy of other theses and articles and determine which data you need as a minimum and how other researchers have come to their data
  • Consider what must be done as a minimum to achieve an acceptable level of reliability and validity. Determine your lower limit
  • Practice interviews and questionnaires before you actually use them
  • Plan your practical research carefully and broadly. Discuss this planning with your supervisor or other responsible persons (manager, etc.)
  • Walk ahead of your results and propose certain outcomes. What could you claim with these results?
  • Know the limitations of your research and take them into your analysis and discussion

Dont’s when doing practical research

  • Too big intent
  • Exchange quantitative and qualitative methods
  • Unachievable statistical relevance (reliability)
  • Insufficient depth (lack of triangulation or feedback)
  • Insufficient planning of the research data and the research process


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